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Need a super fast reCAPTCHA solving solution? You've come to the right place. Over the past few years we have built a system that's capable of cracking reCAPTCHAs within 1-2 seconds.


Can't wait to get your CAPTCHAs solved? We've got you covered. Worried about your CAPTCHAs expiring? Relax. You can use our service whenever. Need CAPTCHA solving for an extended period of time? No problem. We pride ourselves for offering a cost-effective, most accurate reCAPTCHA OCR rental service in the market.

How it works?

Step One

Modify your Host files with OCRMyCaptcha's details.


Step Two

Select De-Captcher on your software/application and place your OCRMyCaptcha's credentials instead.

Step Three

Start breaking CAPTCHAs!. Check our API page for detailed information.



Pay As You Go

24Hrs Availability
Unlimited reCAPTCHA solving for 24hrs


20 Days Availability.
Unlimited CAPTCHA solving for 20 days

Frequently Asked Questions


How does your system solve my CAPTCHA?

Plain and simple. You send the CAPTCHA image file through our API. Our OCR will solve the image for you and we will provide you the answer.

Is your service compatible with my software?

Our service was built using the Decaptcher API. Our service is compatible with any software that has Decaptcher integrated; you just need to change your hosts file. We're considering integrating other API's in a future.

Do I need a key?

No, you just need your username and password on your software.

Port number. Do you have one, two, three?

Our API uses HTTP ( port 80 )

I like to work 24/7. Do you?

Yes! Our services are running 24 hours 7 days a week.

What type of CAPTCHA do you solve?

We're able to solve non-stained and stained (2 words) Google reCAPTCHAs.
Supported 1 Supported 2 Supported 3

I just purchased a package. Will it start to run right away?

It depends on the package that you bought. If you've bought a "Pay as you go" package, the timer for your package will start running when you send the first CAPTCHA to our service. If you've bought a "Pro Package", the timer will start counting a soon as your purchase has been successfully completed.

My account stopped working and I still have time available on my package. What happened?

Please contact support or check you email address. Most likely it will resolved within minutes.

There are many reCAPTCHAs. What is your correctness rate?

We offer up to up to 85% of correctness rate for regular non-stained reCAPTCHAs (clean two (2) word reCAPTCHAs). If you have a dirty IP which receives a lot of double blob recaptchas; this will decrease your overall correctness rate without us having much to do about it.


How can I make a purchase?

You just need to navigate to our pricing page. Remember that you need to be logged-in before completing your purchase.

Do you accept direct PayPal transfers or direct e-wallet transfers?

No. All of our orders are processed through our payment processor They manage your information and subscription status.

Why is my purchase taking so long to be completed?

Avangate can take up to 60 minutes to get your order approved. Please wait this time before trying to contact support or Avangate support.

Why am I being harassed by Avangate? They want me to send my personal information.

For security purposes they might require you to verify your order before completion. Please try to complete your verification so you can get your funds as soon as possible. If you decide to not verify, the order will be cancelled automatically.

I want to cancel my subscription. What can I do?

Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.


Do you offer technical support?

We can definitely help you use our service, however, we can't troubleshoot third party software.

Do you have details about how to use your service with my software?

Definitely. Please navigate to our API page for more instructions.

Can I use my account from different IP's or software's or computers?

Yes, yes, yes; but remember that you will be limited by the amount of CAPTCHAs per minute allowed by your package.

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